Chamber Shell



We are a Philippine publishing company that simply wants to share unique stories with readers everywhere.

Our company is named after the nautilus shell, whose spiral shape and chambered cross-section is recognized the world over. But there is more to the seemingly simple shape of this shell. It belongs to a creature that has been around for millions of years, even before the dinosaurs. Its shell’s unique shape allows the nautilus to travel and survive in the extreme depths of the ocean. And the various sections or chambers of the shell are mathematically proportionate, exhibiting what is called the “golden ratio” which is a major principle in architecture, design, and science.

Much like the nautilus shell, our company has different publishing sections or “chambers”, each with its own unique offerings, yet contributing as part of a unified, functional whole. Like the nautilus, we aim to plumb the depths of human experience much as the sea creature does the depths of the ocean. And all this comes from a love of literature, which is an art form as old and as enduring as the nautilus.

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There are very few nautilus left in the world, and similarly we only release a few publications and titles. But we do this mainly because we want to focus our efforts on these stories that we enjoy and really believe in. Aside from producing our own materials, we help other independent authors also distribute their works, helping them get their works seen by readers, so they can focus on what they love to do: writing.

In-house Authors and Artists:


Jamie Bautista

Creator of the long-running comic series Cast, and the National Book Award nominated and Anvil Award winning detective comic series, Private Iris. Now currently heading Nautilus Studios, a graphic design company, and is the publisher of Chamber Shell Publishing.


Arnold Arre

Filipino fantasy artist, graphic novelist, and self-taught animator best known for his groundbreaking graphic novel "The Mythology Class," the first ever to win a National Book Award in the Comics Category. His other books "Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat," "Trip to Tagaytay," "Martial Law Babies," "Halina Filipina," and "After Eden" have all gained followings of their own.