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Private Iris Book 1: The Secretive Sleuth

Private Iris Book 1: The Secretive Sleuth


Author:  Jamie Bautista and Arnold Arre

Synopsis:  Iris Able is a loner and everyone at MacGuffin Elementary considers her as a weirdo. She doesn’t talk to anybody, the kids in school have given her the nickname “Private Iris.” However, Iris is also the smartest and most observant person in town. Her best (and only) friend Danton Cord is one of the friendliest, most popular boys in school. He wants nothing more than to make other people see Iris in a different light. If he can convince her to solve some crimes that are happening around the school, maybe he can get Iris to be a bit more popular. But will Iris be willing to help out people she doesn’t like?

Genre:  Detective Fiction/Mystery/Adventure

Age Rating: 8+ and up 

Language:  English

Published Date:  2016 (Reprinted by Nautilus Comics)

ISBN:  978-621-95109-9-8

No. of pages:  100 (colored print)

Dimension:  9 x 6 inches (soft cover)

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