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Trip to Tagaytay

Trip to Tagaytay


Author:  Arnold Arre

Synopsis:  A short story in comics form, set in a future Philippines replete with flying cars and multimedia wrist-devices. In this futuristic dystopian view of Manila, the streets are littered with high-tech junk, Aga Muhlach is the aging President, and the Eraserheads are playing in a reunion concert on the moon. In the midst of it all is a young man making his way to the Grand Liwayway Terminal while relaying thoughts to his beloved far away in an orbital space station.

Genre:  Adventure/Sci-Fi/Romance

Age Rating:  18+ and up (Matured Readers)

Language:  English

Published Date:  2014 (Reprinted by Nautilus Comics)

ISBN:  978-621-95109-1-2

No. of pages:  56 (black and white print)

Dimension:  10 x 6.5 inches (soft cover)

Literary Awards:  Manila Critics Circle National Book Award for Best Comic Book (2001)


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